Friday, 5 August 2011

Marriage Rally at Parliament House

MARRIAGE RALLY: It is now more urgent than ever to gather your friends, neighbours, church groups and colleagues and to come to Canberra to Parliament House on August 16, 9am to 12 pm. Marriage is too important for anyone to sit by and leave it to someone else to defend marriage. At times like these it is crowds that talk! This is your chance to be part of democracy in action. Come in bus loads to support natural marriage. A repeat of the numbers that attended the successful 2004 Rally is what it will take to warn all politicians-“DON’T MEDDLE WITH MARRIAGE” REGISTRATION IS ESSENTIAL TO GAIN ADMITTANCE: Registration or questions? Phone Phyllis Restall orÉ03 98160800 or online 

FEAST OF ST MARY OF THE CROSS (MacKillop): Mass will be celebrated at the usual time of 5.30pm on Monday 8 August in St John Vianney Church. Parishioners are encouraged to attend this Mass in honour of Australia's first canonised saint. 

Rosters for 13/14 August 2011

St Jude’s Church Rosters 14th August 2011
8.30am Mass
Audio Visual operator:
John Rochford
Roy Jeeves & Myrna Stinziani.
SM of C:
Margaret Marris.
Altar Servers:
Michel & Ben Kendrick;
James Williams.
John Andrew & Volunteer.
Mirinjani Nursing Home:
Margaret Wylks & Elizabeth Cox
Self care/Eabrai:
Rod Mackay.
Communion to the Sick
in the home:
Ray Finnegan.
Church Cleaning
Group A:
G Giuliano, F Basilisco, J Gorman,
A Peterson, N Taylor, C Daly.
           St John Vianney’s Church Rosters 13/14 August 2011
6.00pm Vigil
Audio Visual operator:
Schneider Family
Neil Dunn.
SM of C:
Ann & Peter Webb; Newville Webb.
Altar Servers:
Amy Thomas & Liam Pollard.
10.00am Mass   
Audio Visual operator:
Mixed Choir.
Patrick O’Neill.
SM of C:
Steve & Louise Murphy;
Frank Ryan.
Altar Servers:
Hamish Angus & Nathan Anthony.
Communion to the
Sick: from St Jude’s 8.30
Tim McNamara & Margot McDonnell.
Church Cleaning: E:
(5.45pm Friday unless
other arrangements
with the presbytery)
McNamara       6288 7876
Trevethan        6288 1108
Schurmann      6288 0938