Confirmation in the Parish

Programme for Confirmation 2018
ENROLMENT: Catholic Children in Year 6 and above who have received the Sacraments of  First Reconciliation and First Communion are invited to enrol.

If your child does not attend a Parish School, Marist College or St Edmund's College they will need to book into the Parish Faith & Life Centre for preparation classes.  Please contact Tim McNamara 6288 7876 or

To enrol your child into the Sacrament of Confirmation, you need to use the Qkr! by MasterCard App. You can get the app from the google play store or the App store for Iphones. Once you have the app you need to enter the parish name St Jude & St John Vianney Parish and follow the links

Parents of children in their Confirmation year are asked to register online before the Commitment Masses on 24/25 March 2018 otherwise the Sacrament may need to be delayed until next year.
If you have any questions, please contact the parish office on 6288 1979 or via Parish email

Relevant Dates:
Adult Formation and administration night:   Tuesday 20 March 2018 6.00pm St Jude's School Hall(one parent must attend this evening)
Commitment Masses for Confirmation:      Saturday 24 March 2018 6.00pm St Jude's Church and
                                                                     Sunday 25 March 2018 9.00am  St John Vianney Church

Family Formation:                                      Tuesday 3 April 2018 6.00pm St Jude's School Hall (mandatory for at least one parent (but preferably both) and child to be confirmed)
Retreat Day (go to the school of the church you have chosen) school uniform not required
                                                                    Friday 4 May 2018 8.50am-3.10pm
Confirmation                                              Wednesday 9 May 2017 6.00pm St Jude Church, Holder
                                                                     Thursday 10 May 2018 6.00pm St John Vianney Church, Waramanga