Friday, 5 August 2011

Rosters for 13/14 August 2011

St Jude’s Church Rosters 14th August 2011
8.30am Mass
Audio Visual operator:
John Rochford
Roy Jeeves & Myrna Stinziani.
SM of C:
Margaret Marris.
Altar Servers:
Michel & Ben Kendrick;
James Williams.
John Andrew & Volunteer.
Mirinjani Nursing Home:
Margaret Wylks & Elizabeth Cox
Self care/Eabrai:
Rod Mackay.
Communion to the Sick
in the home:
Ray Finnegan.
Church Cleaning
Group A:
G Giuliano, F Basilisco, J Gorman,
A Peterson, N Taylor, C Daly.
           St John Vianney’s Church Rosters 13/14 August 2011
6.00pm Vigil
Audio Visual operator:
Schneider Family
Neil Dunn.
SM of C:
Ann & Peter Webb; Newville Webb.
Altar Servers:
Amy Thomas & Liam Pollard.
10.00am Mass   
Audio Visual operator:
Mixed Choir.
Patrick O’Neill.
SM of C:
Steve & Louise Murphy;
Frank Ryan.
Altar Servers:
Hamish Angus & Nathan Anthony.
Communion to the
Sick: from St Jude’s 8.30
Tim McNamara & Margot McDonnell.
Church Cleaning: E:
(5.45pm Friday unless
other arrangements
with the presbytery)
McNamara       6288 7876
Trevethan        6288 1108
Schurmann      6288 0938