Thursday, 28 July 2011

SR. MARGARET WATSON, RSM; thank you to all those many parishioners who attended the 1st anniversary Mass of Sr. Margaret on 27th July, 2011. It was good that so many came to remember our late revered Pastoral Associate. A very special thanks to the parishioners who organised the refreshments after our Mass and those who brought a plate on this occasion.     Fr Kevin Brannelly

Rosters for 6/7 August 2011

St Jude’s Church Rosters 7th August 2011
8.30am Mass
Audio Visual operator:
Mixed Choir.
Julie Abbey & Maureen Lewis.
SM of C:
May Gibbon.
Altar Servers:
Georgia & Sophia Riley;
Holly Schyvens.
Denis Wylks & Phil Perkins.
Mirinjani Nursing Home:
Margaret Wylks & Lyn Mernagh.
Self care/Eabrai:
John Moloney.
Communion to the Sick
in the home:
Ray Finnegan.
Church Cleaning
Group I:
G Lawler, P Muttukumaru, M Bull,
G Treverrow, R Mackay, R Burke.
           St John Vianney’s Church Rosters 6/7 August 2011
6.00pm Vigil
Audio Visual operator:
Schneider Family.
Philippa Brearley.
SM of C:
Margaret Marris, Justine Angus ;
Kay Walker.
Altar Servers:
Matthew & Jack Tallarida Lyons;
Sam Brearley.
10.00am Mass   
Audio Visual operator:
Mary Mullamphy’s group.
Fran D’Castro.
SM of C:
Thérèse Keily-Wynter; Peter Wynter;
Lyn Grainger.
Altar Servers:
Grace & Jacob Martin.
Communion to the
Sick: from St Jude’s 8.30
Ron Gane & Mary Watts.
Church Cleaning: D:
(5.45pm Friday unless
other arrangements
with the presbytery)
McLean            6288 0033
Coffey             6288 2874
Hawker       0450 368 227
Gane           0414 789 470
Weston            6288 0640