Monday, 14 January 2013

Roster for Weekend of 19/20 January 2013

St John Vianney Church 19 January 2012
                                        6.00pm Vigil Mass
Audio Visual operator:
No Music
Mike Lyons & Fay Padarin.
SM of C:
Pat Fay; Pauline McNamara;
Rose Trevethan.
Altar Servers:
Volunteers (school Holidays).
Communion to the Sick:
 from St Jude’s 9.00am
Ron Gane & Margot McDonnell.
Church Cleaning: F:
(5.45pm Friday unless
other arrangements
with the presbytery)
McNamara       6288 7876
Trevethan        6288 1108
Galloway         0422 617 037
Corson            6288 7507
                          St Jude’s Church 20 January 2012     
                                         9.00am Mass
Audio Visual operator:
John Rochford.
Leigh Greenhalgh & John Ried.
SM of C:
Ron Hibberson.
Altar Servers:
Volunteers (school Holidays).
Phil Muttukumaru & John O'Neill.
Mirinjani Nursing Home:
Elizabeth Cox & Margaret Wylks.
Self care/Eabrai:
Margaret Marris.
Communion to the
Sick in the home:
Ray Finnegan.
Church Cleaning
Group B:
M Marris, N Philippa, B Silinis,
H & M Lyons; Vanessa Whelan.