Tuesday, 16 November 2021

Now We Are Able to Attend Mass

 We welcome all to attend Mass in the Parish. 

Sunday Mass Attendance maximum number:

· 5.00pm Saturday Vigil Mass (250)  St Jude Church

· 9.00am Sunday Mass (350) St John Vianney Church  and

· 5.00pm Sunday Mass (250) St Jude Church

Parishioners attending these Masses are required to social distance by the 2sqm rule with the exception of people from the same household and to sign in with the CBR Check In app (for those who do not have the CBR Check In app, please sign the attendance list). The ACT Government encourages Canberrans to continue wearing face masks indoors in crowded settings. It is strongly recommended that you continue to wear a face mask  if you are vulnerable. 

Annual Archdiocesan Clergy Retreat will take place Monday 15 to Friday 19 November inclusive at the Redemptorist Monastery, Galong NSW. Parishioners are asked to remember in their prayers all  our bishops, priests and deacons (active/retired) who will be on retreat.

 Masses will not be celebrated in our Parish from Monday 15 to Friday 19 November inclusive. However, there will be Communion Services (Liturgy of the Word and Holy Communion) at the usual Mass times during this week.

Youth Group -  back in person! Youth group will be back in person on Sunday 21 November!  At youth group, we play some games, learn about the topic and have the opportunity for any questions to be asked. Meeting fortnightly from 4 pm - 5 pm at St Jude’s school hall, youth group is for all children in grades 5 to 8. Email our Parish youth minister Elena Catanzariti with any questions if your child is keen to join in! 

Below are the remaining youth group dates for this year,  Sunday 21 November - Praying through art Sunday 5 December - Intercession: praying for others


Monday, 18 October 2021

Now we are able to attend Mass

 Please note that CBR checking, masks and social distancing are still essential.

The first Mass was on Friday 15 October at 7.00am in St John Vianney Church.

There will be a tweak in our traditional Mass schedule during this early period of coming back to Masses; Tuesday Mass will be at 9.30am instead of 7.00am (still at St John Vianney Church). From 29 October we will return to our full pre-lockdown timetable (unless something nasty happens!). 

From 15 October to 28 October the Mass attendance is 25 people. After that, Mass attendance will be 100 people. 

To manage these numbers, and to give as many people as possible the chance to attend Mass, we will be using the trybooking website to book a place at Mass. Trybooking covers many and varied events, so to find a particular Mass in our parish you'll need to enter a specific code. 

The codes for the period 19-25 October are available below for you to click on. 

This blog spot will be updated weekly to include the coming week's codes. The codes are also available in the hard copy bulletin, the bulletin you can download from this site, and the bulletin you may be receiving by email. The downloaded bulletin and the emailed bulletin should allow you to click on those codes to access Trybooking. 

This week's codes are: 

You'll notice that there are cut off dates and times for bookings. The parish office needs the cut offs to allow us to print attendance lists before each Mass for Government compliance records. 

We ask for your help to allow as many people as possible to attend Mass by booking only one Mass each week. As Father has suggested in his online Mass and in the bulletin, if you can attend a weekday Mass please consider doing so, to allow people who can't attend midweek to be able to attend a weekend Mass. If you've accidentally booked more than one Mass in a week, you can cancel the extra booking. The parish office will also check for multiple bookings: we'll identify your earliest booking and cancel the others.