Friday, 10 May 2013

Rosters for weekend 11/12 May 2013

St John Vianney Church 11 May 2013
                                        6.00pm Vigil
Audio Visual operator:
Molly Taylor.
Maureen Daley & Tricia McLachlan.
SM of C:
Neville Webb; Maureen McGrath;
Vanessa Whelan.
Altar Servers:
Amy & Anthony Thomas;
 Madeleine Kelly.
Communion to the Sick:
 from St Jude’s 9.00am
Mary Watts & Desley Eaton.
Burrangiri Respite Care:
Tim McNamara.
Church Cleaning: G:
(5.45pm Friday unless
other arrangements
with the presbytery)
Scollen             6288 7182
Hoban              6287 5767
Lee                   6288 7629
Reinholtz          6288 4804
                          St Jude’s Church 12 May  2013     
                                         9.00am Mass
Audio Visual operator:
Mixed Choir
Rosemary Burke & Alicia Peterson.
SM of C:
Leeann Galloway.
Altar Servers:
Lucy & James Bolton;
Georgia Graney.
Ray Finnegan.
Mirinjani Nursing Home:
Rosemary Burke/Michael Green;
Elizabeth Cox/Colleen Daly.
Self care/Eabrai:
Ron Hibberson/ Margaret Donelly.
Communion to the
Sick in the home:
Ray Finnegan.
Church Cleaning
Group B:
M Marris, N Philippa, B Silinis,
H & M Lyons; Vanessa Whelan.